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Agriculture Manure Humic Acid Organic NPK Fertilizer Price

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Quality Specification:

Appearance Yellow powder
Solubility 100% Water Soluble
Moisture 1~3%
Amino acids More than 60%
Total nitrogen More than 12.5%
Functions  industrial powerful organic acid,
 fantastic soil conditioner, stimulant, plant growth regulator,
  water quality improver,compound coal adhesives, charcoal adhesives, etc.
Application Fields soil, hydroponics, aeroponic, dry broadcast, irrigation, landscaping, 
  turf & golf care, home gardens, clones & cuttings etc.
Dosage For field crop:50-100 kgs / ha per season
  For fruit trees: 1-2 kgs per plant
  For vegetables: 1-2 kgs / m2
  Mix additive: 30-60 kg per ton of composite

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